How to make screenshots without getting crazy?

Each advanced Internet users sometimes has a task to make a screenshot and send it to a colleague or a friend. Normally, users have two options:

  • Use standard functionality of an operational system. A user presses on PrtScr, opens MS Paint, saves a screenshot on a hard drive and then sends the screenshots via e-mail or uploads onto a hosting, and all this time s/he is to keep in mind where this screenshot is stored... This option is not as easy as it could be.
  • Download special software for making screenshots, which is easire: this way you can make a screenshot quickly, moreover, there is always free software for making screens. However, the challenge of sending screenshots is still topical - you are to find a suitable file storage.

We decided to go an extra mile and created Joxi - a one-of-a-kind software for making screenshots, using which you can make a screenshot in just one click, send it to a reliable online hosting and get a link to it!

Making screenshots using Joxi is just a piece of cake!

What is more, our software for making screenshots is absolutely free!

Key Joxi features

  • High speed: any operation only requires a couple of clicks! To check it, we even kept time: in the best-case scenario you can make a screenshot in just one click.
  • Rich functionality: Joxi has all the features required for processing screenshots and enables you to collaborate on them: add remarks and arrows, make contours, number elements, "obscure" certain fragments, etc.
  • EXTREMELY rich functionality, and even more! Apart from capturing screenshots, Joxi enables you to exchange files and folders, as well as track history of exchange. Joxi's online storage also helps you to discuss information using an in-build comments system.
  • Reliability: screenshots and files are published on a reliable hosting and stored for as long as needed, that is, as long as a user is interested in it. If you need it, you won't lose it.
  • Customization: Joxi can be easily customized in accordance with user's needs - you can reset all hot keys the way you'd like to and make screenshoting easy and pleasant.

Using Joxi you will forget about any troubles when making screenshots!

November 22, 2013
English version

We launched the English version of the website for our non-Russian users.