Software for making screenshots: who uses it?

It is commonly believed that software for making screenshots is only used by gamers and journalists writing about different applications. Although it looks logical, the reality shows that apps for screenshots are popular among many other users.

Many people are interested to know how to make screenshots:

  • Internet users who want to share their visual experience with friends and colleagues;
  • Students who need to exchange reference materials and screenshots between each other;
  • Team members exchanging developments and design mockups screenshots.
  • Gamers and journalists, of course!

We have developed a tool specifically for this target audience

Joxi is a convenient and unique software for making screenshots

Joxi is a combination of a screenshot maker and a file hosting! <a href="%url%">Try Joxi!</a>

Joxi is a comprehensive software for making screenshots (and many more) with large functionality

  • Joxi enables you to make screenshots quick, just the way it should be;
  • Joxi uploads screenshots automatically into a special online storage and generates a link to it, which is also copied onto the clipboard;
  • Joxi helps you manage all your screenshots effectively, moreover, you have access to both screenshots you have created yourself and those that were shared with you;
  • Joxi is also an easy-to-use file sharing platform: a file or a group of files can be uploaded to the online storage. You will be able to store 1 GB for indefinite time, as long as it is being used.

Try Joxi right now - it is absolutely free!

Making screenshots is easy!

November 22, 2013
English version

We launched the English version of the website for our non-Russian users.