Tired of thinking where to download a screenshot?

Although communication tools have been developing dramatically, visual experience exchange is still a challenge. Users work with dozens and hundreds of different applications, office software and games, but they face troubles when sharing their work experience with each other.

The most beaten way - to make a screenshot and send it to a friend or a colleague - can be difficult:

  • Users are to learn how to make a screenshot in Windows or MacOS
  • Users are to find a suitable graphic editor
  • Users have to think on how to publish a screenshot on the Internet
  • Users have to think on how to send a screenshot.

What are these difficulties for? Just use the Joxi screenshoter !

Need to download software for making screenshots? Download Joxi!

  • Joxi offers the following capabilities
  • Quick screenshot uploading to the Internet and getting a link to it in the clipboard
  • Convenient operation and navigation among the screenshots created
  • Joxi enables you not to upload and download a screenshot, but also to exchange files and folders! Users always have access to a convenient acrhiver
  • Joxi is tightly integrated with social networks and enables users to exchange comments

Need a screenshoter? Screenshoter download

November 22, 2013
English version

We launched the English version of the website for our non-Russian users.