Joxi Plus for advanced users

Joxi brings advanced features, just $10 per year!

Joxi Plus for advanced users You have been using Joxi, time to explore all of its features and want more? We are sure you will accept advanced account Joxi Plus. It includes special features that make working with screenshots easier and more enjoyable. More disk space, direct links to pictures, no advertising - all for $ 10 per year. Try it now and see how comfortable with Joxi Plus!

Basic account

Joxi Plus

Disk Space
In the basic version Joxi each user gets 1 GB of free space on the cloud server. Joxi Plus allows you to store in the "cloud" 3 times more screenshots and files.
1 Gb 3 Gb
Upload size
For once you can upload the file or group of files no larger than 20MB. In Joxi Plus, this bar is set to 100 MB.
20 Mb 100 Mb
Direct link
In the basic version Joxi, link obtained after loading the screenshot, leads to a page with a picture and advertising. Joxi Plus allows you to receive a link to the image itself.
Storing files on the FTP or Dropbox
Joxi Plus allows you to store your files and screenshots in Dropbox or on your ftp (sftp) and your domain.
No advertising
Joxi Plus disables any advertising on the pages
Storage life
With Joxi Plus files and screenshots that you have uploaded will be stored forever.
90 days Forever
How much is Joxi Lite?
Joxi Plus is recommended for all who are accustomed to using screenshoter for work and communication every day. The use of its advanced features costs only $10 per year.
Free $10 per year