Tired of thinking on how to make a screenshot?

No matter how surprising it might seem, modern operational systems' functionality is too limited for making screenshots. For example, Windows users are to use an inconvenient combination “PrtScr + MS Paint”.

It is a bit easier on Linux and Mac, but this functionality is still not user-friendly, especially if you need to share a screenshot with a friend or a colleague. You need to upload a screenshot onto a hosting (which is time-consuming), send a link to a friend or a colleague, store it to use later on... and it's so long.

That's why users download screenshoters - special software for making screenshots. Normally they possess wide range of features that, apart from making screenshots (that is, pictures), enable users to exchange them quickly.

Joxi is an ideal software for making screenshots!

Stop looking for screenshoters! Download Joxi!

Joxi - our software for making screenshots - has all the functionality required for working with screenshots

  • To get it started, press on two certain keys or on a Joxi icon in the tray. What is more, Joxi enables you to make shots of either the whole screen or a part of it. Any manipulation withscreenshots only takes a second and a couple of clicks.
  • Apart from capturing an image, you can also make additions to it, enumerate the content, draw arrows, etc.
  • Afterwards a screenshot is sent to a server, while the link to it is sent to the clipboard.
  • You will always be able to see which screenshots you have sent and received. It's so convenient and easy!

The best thing about Joxi is that, apart from capturing shot of a screen, it also helps you exchange files and folders. If needed, Joxi can archive them, so that you can transfer files even faster.

Need to download a screenshoter? Now you have Joxi!

November 22, 2013
English version

We launched the English version of the website for our non-Russian users.