Want to learn how to make screenshots correctly?

We used to ask just the same question. Our company qb interactive had a challenge of providing our employees with a suitable tool for visual content sharing, which would enable them to make screenshots, post them to a certain hosting and send a link to it to a colleague. Making a screenshot for free is not a problem, however, it is challenging to make it as quickly as possible.

We tried dozens of several screenshot software until we realized that, if you want to do something well, you should do it yourself.

Meet Joxi, new-generation screenshot software

Joxi is a software for making screenshots and file exchange

What is great about Joxi?

  • Joxi makes user's work easier. Users don't have to know how to make screenshots - just note which part of the screen is to be saved, and Joxi will do the rest of the job: post a screen on a hosting and give you a link to it.
  • Joxi is absolutely free. No comments.
  • Joxi facilitates teamwork. Each recipient can add arrows, additional text and numbers to a screenshot, make it obscure and highlight the necessary part of it. Screenshots can be commented without exiting the system!
  • Joxi is not only about making screenshots. Apart from that, Joxi enables you to exchange files and folders. That's why you can take advantage of 1 GB online storage, where files are stored for an unlimited period of time - as long as the user is interested in it.
  • Joxi is flexible: you can always reset "hot keys" and make operations using either keyboard or mouse. E.g., you can post a screenshot with just one click - we checked it.
  • Joxi is all about convenience.

Screenshot software has never been as user-friendly as this one! Download Joxi and make sure yourself!

November 22, 2013
English version

We launched the English version of the website for our non-Russian users.