Do you know how to make a screenshot in just one click?

Many people think that creating screenshots is long and time-consuming. No wonder: to make a screenshot, you are to use two or even three additional applications:

  • Image creation software
  • Graphic editor - to crop margins, add remarks, etc.
  • Browser to upload a screenshot on a hosting
  • Hosting service

Indeed, it's not convenient and it takes very long. But you can forget about this trouble - in just one click!

To do this, simply download software for making screenshots Joxi!

Joxi knows how to make screenshots!

Joxi is a software for making screenshots - use it to make great things in just a couple of clicks

  • Make shots of the whole screen (or a part of it) and upload them onto the online hosting straight away
  • Demonstrate the screenshots uploaded to your friends and discuss them using comments section
  • Find the necessary screenshots in just a couple of clicks (both created yourself and shared!)
  • Exchange any other files (apart from screenshots), including sending groups of files or placing them into archives.

The best thing is that Joxi is absolutely free - you can download our software for making screenshots right now.

Joxi is a one-size-fits-all and an easy-to-use software for making screenshots. Try it!

November 22, 2013
English version

We launched the English version of the website for our non-Russian users.