Are you looking to download a software for screenshots?

Joxi can do whatever is needed and even more:

  • Make screenshots of the whole screen or a part of it
  • Make remarks on a screenshot
  • Send your screenshots onto a reliable and convenient online storage
  • We help you share screenshots with other users

Joxi can deal with screenshots creation 200%!

How to make a good screenshot?<br />Download Joxi!

The first software for making screenshots was launched in mid-90th, however, they are becoming more and more popular.

Why do users need to create screenshots?

  • Visual experience exchange. Modern Internet users exchange content all the time by sending each other links to interesting content, sharing information on social networks, etc. Screenshots are not an exception - users often demonstrate visual content.
  • Upload a screenshot to the Internet in just a couple of clicks and get the link to it in the clipboard
  • Team work. Making screenshots is an essential part of group work: when discussing a complex design mock-up, drawing or a block diagram it is much easier to exchange screenshots than source files: they are easier to create and to open, their size is smaller, you can make remarks on them.
  • Saving screenshots from games and applications. Users often want to capture a shot of a certain part of a game or a full-screen application - usually when standard software for making screenshots are not available or inconvenient.

Want to check?
You simply need to download the Joxi screenshoter!

November 22, 2013
English version

We launched the English version of the website for our non-Russian users.